“Awe (noun). a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder:

Studying Neuroanatomy is pretty awful for me. Awful in the “very bad or unpleasant” sense, sometimes.

But, many times, it blows me away how intricately we are created.

Do you realize that there are tracts in your body specifically designated to help you maintain your posture? You don’t think about it…but it keeps you sitting there without falling over.

There are a plethora of other specific systems in place that allow you to digest your food, attach emotions to your situation, smile on command, smile at something funny…

Learning all of these systems is awful…(definition 2 in my dictionary)…

In that it also “inspires wonder”.

Haha- there’s an old song from probably the 80’s that if you were in church at the time, you heard WAY to much.

“Our God is an Awesome God…”

Yea, that one.

As funny as it is to watch the mullets and horrible clothes in the memories that accompany this song….it’s so true.

He is awesome. He inspires both fear and wonder. He’s bigger than all this. And He is in control…

Sit in wonder for a second.

Do you ever sit and think that there are things bigger than you? Bigger than your problems?

Do you ever sit in awe of something…? Or Someone?

Do you live your life in wonder?

Try it. It makes life much more bearable, more peaceful, and even enjoyable.

For me, there are many things that inspire a healthy fear and wonder.

It’s the human body.
It’s my daughter’s awe at the simple things.
It’s my husband’s love.
It’s the goodness of My God.

What thing/person inspires wonder in your life?

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  • Neuroanatomy generally makes me want to gouge my eyes out… And yet not because it makes me so grateful for functioning eyes and the complexity of it all.

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