Lessons from the Zoo

Lessons from the Zoo

…because I think about everything…


We went to the zoo for Mother’s Day, mainly because Little Bit has been rather obsessed with monkeys lately. “Oh-Ah-Ah-Oh” is the sound she makes when she sees one or if you talk about them. It’s fantastic.

She didn’t nap AT ALL (in fact, this is as much rest as we conned her into the whole day) and she was much more into it than I planned. I figured she’d be bored within half an hour.
Oh no. We were there past close and she probably would have kept going.

She liked to wave at all of the people walking by- as well as all of the animals…see…
“Bye-Bye Mr. Cow”…

We even got to pet goats and sheep and such- and she is fearless.

At this point in her life, she is so innocent–her heart is pretty much intact. She hasn’t been rejected or experienced loss like most of us have by the time we can probably read this post.

And so, she is fearless. She is cautious, yes. But she will try anything once. And usually twice, as a result. She is inquisitive. She is excited about life.
And she isn’t scared of new things or of the unknown…(which, is pretty much every other experience in her life right now, if you think about it…)

Where do we lose that?
Why do we lose that?

I suppose life wears on us. It does.
People don’t plan disease.
We don’t plan lose a loved one.
We don’t plan a failed marriage.

Maybe part of our problem is that we plan too much- which I am a master at.

Many of my friends throughout the years could match me with this quote:
“What’s the plan?”

And while that’s great for basic day-to-day functioning, too much planning causes disappointment, frustration, fear, anxiety, and all sorts of other negative things because CRAP HAPPENS and WE CAN’T PLAN FOR IT ALL!

How do people change the world? Well…part of it is that they can “roll with it”.
They can look at their situation, deal with it, and move on.
(Heck- that’s day-to-day life just as it relates to med school.)

I hope my daughter learns this valuable lesson…because she has the potential to change this world for the better…like she has already done in mine.

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