2012 in Review

2012 in Review

Fall Family Picture on Bridge

And now begins the times of reflection that we all have, whether we intend to or not. For some reason, the beginning of a New Year makes us look at the past and the future–all at once.

I can’t say I’m really big on “resolutions”. They usually fail by February.

Instead, I like to look at what I’ve been doing and choose a couple of things to improve upon…more like making some adjustments to something that’s already working well for me. But that’s just my 2 cents.

In our little world, this year was less about major changes and more about development.
Medical School with a trip to Nicaragua, Album Release, and Potty Training.

That’s actually a pretty good summary.

Next year, I will be saying goodbye to classroom learning as I have known it, take boards, and begin rotations. Still processing that…

All in all, I hope that this year meets you with new challenges and new joys- which usually come as a pair.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and commented and liked and read.
Welcome to anyone who has yet to experience the awesomeness found within!

And what everyone has been waiting for?


5.  Speaking the Truth in Love is Not... – We all hear people use the excuse “I was just saying it in love” to say horrible things…a few thoughts and some indicators that something is not truly out of love.

4. Jesus Doesn’t Understand – I’m a Woman! – This was written very recently but became popular quickly. If you are a woman or know one, it may help shed some light!

3. The Problem With Christian Universities – I love that this post has resonated with people from multiple Christian universities, not just my alma mater.

2. So, You Love a Student Doctor…– I had a lot of fun putting this together with my husband. A few practical tips on loving someone with a demanding career.

1. The Personhood Act — The Opinion – It makes me laugh that a rather political piece is still the top viewed, especially since I usually do my best to stay away from it in the “public” circle. This, however, “lit a fire under my butt” so to speak and sparked a lot of good conversation as a result.


13 Simple Ways to Get Through a Rough Day  This post still gets hits pretty frequently…and it still makes me laugh!

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Happy New Year!

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