God is Like an Industrial Blender

God is Like an Industrial Blender

Sometimes when God stirs your heart, it’s like dropping a leaf on a still pond.

It’s gentle. It’s soothing. It’s hopeful and exciting.

Leaf on the Water

But Sometimes….

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Sometimes it’s more like an industrial blender is taken to the depths of your soul.
It’s intense. It’s tiring. But it’s hopeful and exciting.

Whichever way the Lord chooses to work on your heart at this point—let Him do it.

When your heart is overwhelmed with one stirring or the other, sit in it.

Be there in the moment with Him—no matter what you are or “should be” doing.

He has the right timing.


He’s probably preparing you for where He’s taking you next.

Pay attention to that still small voice…whether it’s more like a leaf or a blender…

God is like...

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