Expanding Hearts and the Pictures Everyone Wants to See

It’s true that your heart expands when you have children.
I’ve only done it twice- but it happened each time.

They are two totally different people.

I love them each as deeply as the other, but my relationship with each is and will be different both now and in the years to come.

They will have different personalities, different likes, different dreams….

They already have completely different hair colors, perhaps as a gentle reminder that, even though they are both my girls, they are definitely two different people.

And I am so excited to get to know them.

Black and White Baby

Blue Eyes


Sisters Silly Faces

Mom and Baby

Father Daughter

Big Sister

Baby Color

Goofy daady

Kisses for Mommy

Family Pic with Newborn

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  • Mandy

    I love all the pics!!!

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