Christian Mondays

I have the wonderful privilege of being a part of some very polar worlds, all of which tend to collide in a lovely display of diversity on my social media feeds.

From the most-conservative buckle of the Bible belt to the most-liberal reaches of The States…
From the US to the far East…
From church to medicine….
From working moms to stay-at-home moms to those who are not moms…

I get to see it all.

…And I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend…

We are the worse people to follow on Mondays.

You see, it is the world in which we live that hates the grind.
Hates the Mondays.
Hates work.
Hates the “purposeless”, mundane days.

But as Christians, don’t we believe that the entire basis of our existence is purpose.
That “I am here on purpose because I have a purpose”.

And if we really, truly, believe that, how much more should we, as followers of Christ, look forward to clocking into our mission field every day.

Our work—The place through which the Lord provides our daily bread and a direct line of connection with those He wishes for us to reach in the form of customers, patients, congregants, supervisors, or colleagues.

Our divine calling—as mundane or stressful or chaotic or boring as it may sometimes seem.

Is it hard sometimes? Yes.
Is it our choice to take a different perspective…regardless of our personality type? Yes.

It was my barista one dark, very early, winter morning on the way to yet another full day of inpatient hospital service who excitedly reminded me “THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE”.

And for the past 8 months, I haven’t been able to shake that when headed out the door with a bad attitude.

Whether that day may seem good or bad, I am destined to be here to respond to it.
To be a witness of Christ’s love.
To lighten someone’s load.
To pay forward the price of the cross that was freely given to me.

So please.
For the love.
Stop flooding social media with your negativity and your lack of reliance on God and His divine plan…because that’s really what it is.

Take a moment and reset.
Get up. And GET EXCITED.

Make the choice to free yourself from the ancient curse of tilling the ground with your head hung in shame.

Instead, hold your head high knowing that you have NO shame—only grace , confidence, and the support of the entirety of heaven to face this day with a JOYFUL heart and as a messenger of HIS peace.