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My name is Michael Letney.

You’re obviously here because you want to know a bit more about me, so here goes.
I’m fairly young, I am married to a pretty dang incredible woman, I am daddy to two precious little girls (we’re about to meet the second one), and I am sold out and devoted to pursuing this beautiful collision of Man, God, and Spirit that is Jesus Christ.


My Story
“I have come to see worship as much less something you do and much more something you become. (See Romans 12:1 and 2) “

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This is what I dream about.

You know the question people will ask you that goes “What would you do tomorrow if money were no object?” Yeah, here is how I’d answer.

– Empowering Worshipers to write songs that come from God’s heart for the people they are in community with

– Helping people break free of the myth that their value as individuals is tied to their performance

– Writing. Lots and lots of writing. And scoring. And leading people to the throne of God.

– Building up the Body of Christ through passionate worship, empowering people to live with freedom, and helping them see God’s heart for worship

– Helping people see how their God-given wiring empowers them to live a life of worship…whether they are musical or not.