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  • We’re Having A…..(Oh, and I passed boards…again)

    We’re Having A…..(Oh, and I passed boards…again)

    It always makes me laugh how things play out between our personal lives and our professional lives. My last set of board results were slightly overshadowed as you can see here…and I love it. For those of you who don’t know us, we have two beautiful “little” girls. Our lives have been filled with pink, […]

  • On Being Pregnant…Again

    On Being Pregnant…Again

    First, I want to get the “usuals” out of the way. Yes, we know what causes this (I’m a freaking doctor, for crying out loud). Yes, this was planned. (See #1). No, we were not/are not “trying for a boy”. We always knew we would have “3 or 4”…(see #2). And this is how we […]

  • The Little Things Matter (part two)

    The Little Things Matter (part two)

      Everybody is valuable, no matter what role they play. Everybody has a story. Everybody has their own personal context, hurts,  frustrations,  feelings, and expectations. It’s our job as leaders not to take on their burdens as our own, but the show that we care about their struggle. Even in the face of our own […]

  • German Adventure (part three)

    German Adventure (part three)

    Well, I think that we have finally adjusted back to Tulsa time. (excuse the cheesy link) What an adventure we had in Germany. It was great fun it to reconnect with our German friends, be used as an instrument of blessing into the lives of the churches there, and build up the local church worship teams. […]

  • Grumpy People (Me)

    Grumpy People (Me)

    Yesterday, I made a “ninja move” as described by one of my friends: I went to another part of town completely and totally alone. (I attribute this ninja skill to our recent viewings of Kung Fu Panda, but moving on…) I made a pit stop to indulge in a little coffee delight at one of […]

  • Across Mongolia – The Story

    Across Mongolia – The Story

    You may remember a couple of posts about a friend that had a dream to across the entire country of Mongolia to raise money and awareness for the orphans there. Here is the story behind it all. He is currently in the middle of the run, so send thoughts and prayers their way! If you […]

  • 10 Signs You’ve Been Studying Too Much

    Taken from my most recent experience of studying for my first medical licensing exam, these things may indicate that you have been studying WAY TOO MUCH…and not enough all at the same time. 1. In a normal home, the parents say things like “Have fun at school!” and “I need to study.” Not in your house. […]

  • James 1:27

    You may remember me mentioning some friends that are going to RUN across the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Mongolia to raise funds and awareness for the orphans there. They are doing a great fundraiser that can also remind you to keep them in your prayers as they continue on this journey. Please check it out and […]

  • 26


    This year, I spent two days lamenting that I was turning 27…until I realized that I am indeed only now 26. My mom has informed that it will most likely not be the last time this happens. Hooray! Last year on my birthday, I did a lot of looking back—mainly at the good—and took an […]

  • 2:32 am

    It’s 2:11 am. Some might say that I’m crazy—doing everything that I do. I agree. But I’m crazy in the best way possible. Crazy in that I am completely and totally in the middle of God’s will—without regret. I remember complaining when I would be studying at 2 am in college. Complaining about how hard […]