Thoughts of Hope

Thoughts of Hope

It’s new music Friday!
I know, you were just waiting on pins and needles with GREAT anticipation to see if I’d stick with this posting new music every week thing, weren’t you?

So here it is-

This is an instrumental, mainly piano track I created to tell a story behind a story.
It accompanied a video interview of a girl who had been in the foster care system for a long time; jumping from home to home, never quite fitting in. She was 13 when she finally met her Forever family. And the pure joy that she expresses in the end of the story is such a sharp contrast to the pain, hurt, and hopelessness that you feel at the beginning.. Yet even through the melancholy tones, you still know that it’s going somewhere. You won’t be in that place forever… Change is coming – Change for the better.

And yes, I am referring to both the music and the story. Maybe that’s your story, too. There are always thoughts of hope in the darkest season. He will always work it out in the end.

Share this around if you think it tells a story of hope.


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