The Little Things Matter (part two)

  Everybody is valuable, no matter what role they play. Everybody has a story. Everybody has their own personal context, hurts,  frustrations,  feelings, and expectations. It’s our job as leaders not to take on their burdens as our own, but the show that we care about their struggle. Even in the face of our own […]

Two kinds of leaders. (Part one)

I don’t claim to have the market cornered on good leadership.   The Lord knows that I am not a perfect example of a good leader. There are several things that I have learned in my journey in business, life, and ministry that have taught me the path to become a good leader. I’m going […]

German Adventure (part three)

Well, I think that we have finally adjusted back to Tulsa time. (excuse the cheesy link) What an adventure we had in Germany. It was great fun it to reconnect with our German friends, be used as an instrument of blessing into the lives of the churches there, and build up the local church worship teams. […]

German adventure part Zwei (2)

The special promotion was a hit last week, so I will do it again this week: Buy a CD and get a DVD of all the behind-the-scenes videos along with it! (click to get your copy) You know the most frustrating part of waiting? It leaves you feeling completely powerless and useless. This is a feeling […]

Onward to Germany!

Quick update!! To celebrate our first month of having the album out there, AND our going to Germany, we will be doing some very special promotions for the CD: This week only, every album purchased here at will come with a free DVD of all the behind the scenes videos and footage– even some […]

One month in: what’s coming up next.

Well, it’s been one whole month since the release of my first album. And what a great month it’s been! Thank you to everyone who has supported our ministry efforts by purchasing an album or by sharing the links around your Facebook and Twitter pages. The word is definitely traveling around about what God is […]

The Dangerous State of Evangelical Worship. This is a Must-Read.

I don’t usually re-blog entries like this. This goes along with Stephanie’s last entry… So if you haven’t read it, go do so now.(click link) I read them, I may share them with a select few friends, and I may take notes from time to time. But when I read this one, I could not […]

The Psychiatric Implications of Online Church

The Rules: I have written rules for a post once before. It’s the one’s that make me nervous to post. But, here it goes. This is long. If you’re going to read it, take the time to read it. I won’t be offended if you don’t. I won’t even know if you don’t. Do not […]

Up and Down, There and Back.

What an exciting couple of weeks it has been!! Response to the album has been so positive, and I am so grateful for all of your encouragement and support. Here’s what’s coming next: I have been invited to host a worship night this Friday night at theChurch at Battle Creek in broken arrow. I want […]

Holy Holy Holy

Here is another video from the piano tracking session we did last year.   This is a piano-only arrangement of the old (and wonderful) hymn, Holy Holy Holy. This is one of my all-time favorite hymns, because at the end of the day, there is no better way to describe Him, than “Holy, Holy, Holy.” […]