Onward to Germany!

Quick update!!

To celebrate our first month of having the album out there, AND our going to Germany, we will be doing some very special promotions for the CD:

This week only, every album purchased here at theletneys.com will come with a free DVD of all the behind the scenes videos and footage– even some new stuff you haven’t seen on Vimeo!! And as always, there is free shipping on purchases of two or more.

Well here I am. Waiting. Sitting in my plane as they finish loading everything up. And what is on my mind? Church yesterday. We listened to a fantastic message on how waiting can be your best days.
Let’s backtrack a little bit, and hear a bit about our first all-family trip overseas.
We arrive to Tulsa airport to find out that our first flight was delayed so badly that we would miss our connection to London. So we waited to find out how we would actually get there. Then we get to Dallas. Only to find out that our new seats are nowhere near each other. So we waited for a fix there too. Now we are sitting at the gate, all boarded, while we wait for the maintenance coordinator to clear us to leave. More waiting.
Hear a common theme? Wait wait wait. And, doesn’t it feel like we always have to wait while something is fixed or resolved? Can’t we ever just take off?
Well instead of getting frustrated or angry, my thoughts this time turned to “how can we make the most of this?”

Waiting has been such a big part of my story, and it probably has been part of yours too. While I fly over the ocean, why don’t you comment and tell me your waiting stories. We will talk about what waiting can do more this week.

Well. It’s time to take off now. I’ll post more from London.

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