Breastfeeding for the Working Mom: Final Thoughts

A Reminder for All You WONDERFUL Mommas

28. Surround yourself with support. You have probably already heard this and will hear it again BECAUSE IT’S TRUE. LaLeche groups are everywhere. And now, there are Facebook groups, too, in case your schedule does not permit making a trip across town on a regular basis. If you have friends who breastfeed, talk to them, too!

29. Having trouble motivating yourself to stick with it? Yes, health benefits. Yes, bonding. Yes, yes, yes. But sometimes, that just gets old to talk about. So…Just think of the money. I wish that was a joke. There would be times that I would calculate how much I was pumping and how much I was saving by doing it. Talk about a quick motivator. That is also why we made/make our own baby food…but that’s for another time.

30. The most important thing… The best advice that I can give came from a friend who is also a lactation consultant. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the baby is fed. Ultimately, you must do whatever it takes to make sure baby is taken care of…and that you are taken care of as well. If at the end of the day, you realize it just isn’t going to work for you, hold your head high. You are a mother. You love your baby. And your baby is going to be fed well. That is what really matters.

31. Have a question? Ask me on twitter! And just direct message me if it’s not something you want everyone reading. If you know me, well then ask me like you normally would! Be strong!!!


Reader Suggestions:

32. Childbirth classes. I can’t believe I had forgotten this! Our childbirth classes were fantastic. We chose the Bradley Method mainly in the interest of avoiding an epidural (which may not be for everyone!). The classes were a couple of hours a week over a 12 week time span—which may seem like a lot, but I can tell you I felt extremely prepared going in. We actually went into labor before we had finished the class, so I imagine the information on post-birth is priceless. Often they have a section dedicated to breastfeeding, and usually the instructor is available to help postpartum if you need it! Again, support is so valuable, so take it where you can get it!

[For those of you in the Tulsa area, check out! There are a couple of people that I have personal experience with and do recommend: Amy Emerson and Kathy Taylor who are both found in that link!]


33. Pumping Bra. I have never personally used one, but from what I hear, people who have used them, love They actually hold the pump attachments in place so that you can be more hands free if you are in the “get stuff done” stage. Check them out!


And always remember. This too shall pass. And soon enough, the baby bird will be exploring such things as your ice cream bowl for nourishment 😉


Have a suggestion??? Comment below! I’m sure there are many eager ears…or eyes…out there!


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And please, if you are passionate about such things, share. You never know who is struggling and needs some encouragement!

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