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The product of years of dreams, crowds of support, and months of hard work, “Here With You” combines unique instrumentation with passionate lyrics to tell the story of God’s faithfulness and love through life’s changing seasons.

Track Listing:

1. It Is Well (Featuring Joseph Toma and Tia Juby)
2. God of Love
3. Holy, Holy, Holy
4. To Be With You
5. I Have Decided
6. Live In Your Presence
7. Stir The Waters
8. The Journey
9. To Be With You (unplugged)

Enjoy the music, and feel the peace in your heart knowing that He is–simply–Here With You.

Track 1 – It Is Well

Track 2 – God of Love

Track 3 – Holy Holy Holy

Track 4 – To Be With You

Track 5 – I Have Decided

Track 6 – Live In Your Presence

Track 7 – Stir the Waters

Track 8 – The Journey

Track 9 – To Be With You (unplugged)

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