The Little Things Matter (part two)

  Everybody is valuable, no matter what role they play. Everybody has a story. Everybody has their own personal context, hurts, ¬†frustrations, ¬†feelings, and expectations. It’s our job as leaders not to take on their burdens as our own, but the show that we care about their struggle. Even in the face of our own […]

One month in: what’s coming up next.

Well, it’s been one whole month since the release of my first album. And what a great month it’s been! Thank you to everyone who has supported our ministry efforts by purchasing an album or by sharing the links around your Facebook and Twitter pages. The word is definitely traveling around about what God is […]

The Big Day is Here

Well, here we are. Five months after the initial promise of an album here, we have arrived at that day! Today is the release day for my first album, Here With You!! You can purchase it here at, or go get it from iTunes! I will be sharing videos with you today, pictures of […]

Making music can be Epic. part 1

So, at the insistence of my lovely wife, I am going to show you all one of my favorite arrangements/compositions that I’ve done (part 1), and then show you how I did it (part 2). Last Sunday, we started a new series at church called “Epic”, which is basically a telling of stories from the […]