Making music can be Epic. part 1

So, at the insistence of my lovely wife, I am going to show you all one of my favorite arrangements/compositions that I’ve done (part 1), and then show you how I did it (part 2).

Last Sunday, we started a new series at church called “Epic”, which is basically a telling of stories from the Bible and how they point to Jesus. We started with creation.

And to kick off the series, we came up with this element, lovingly called the ‘BAM!’ element.

I started with this amazing song from a band called The Brilliance – ‘Our God Alone‘, and we built from there.

Major kudos to Scott Kingsbury, and the tC Media team for all the visual effects, videos, stage design, and environment that set the stage for this moment to happen. You all are incredible!

Epic Part 1 – Creation from on Vimeo.


Next week, Part 2: How the heck do you do something like this?logic

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