Tag: DIY

  • DIY: Lace Bridal Shower

    So, we spent most of this past week in Reno, Nevada, getting my best friend married! For us thinkers, experiences like this cause lots of- well- thinking. About marriage. About Friendship. About all sorts of stuff. I’m sure when I get some more processing done, I’ll be able to put it all down in writing- […]

  • DIY: Blackberry Peach Dessert

    My parents ran by the house to drop some stuff off on their way to Altus. As a wonderful addition, they brought along with them a box full of some AMAZING local peaches. See? So, the question became, what am I going to do with all of them?! Well, this recipe that I adapted from […]

  • Doing It Myself: Words of Love

    Michael and I are having our 3rd summer marriage/wedding anniversary celebration. Apparently, people who have blazed the marriage trail before us were right. Year 3 can be a bit of a hill. They say year 7 comes with some “transitioning”, too. So, we have taken some great advice, and are (again) reading “The 5 Love […]

  • Anniversary Surprise

    My parents will have been married for 30 years in December. 30 years. Successfully. They didn’t have much when they got married. When I was born (I’m the oldest), they both had college degrees, but my dad dug ditches and worked at Pizza Hut since that’s all he could find to make a living. We […]