DIY: Lace Bridal Shower

So, we spent most of this past week in Reno, Nevada, getting my best friend married!

For us thinkers, experiences like this cause lots of- well- thinking. About marriage. About Friendship. About all sorts of stuff.

I’m sure when I get some more processing done, I’ll be able to put it all down in writing- but it’s all still floating around in my head.

Until then, here are some ideas for some sort of event you may need to throw at some point!

First the invitation. I figured a few ways to keep it cheap.

1. Make it yourself.
2. Keep it black and white.
3. Print four per page. (I had Kinko’s do it on the off-white card stock, and I think it turned out great!)
4. Bedazzle it yourself. (Lace and hot glue isn’t very expensive.)

And this is what you get (edited slightly, of course)!

Having to lift up the lace to see everything only made it seem more scandalous. Ha!

Another affordable way to jazz up your event = DUCT TAPE!
Amazing, right? Apparently it really does fix everything- including boring water bottles!

Get a large piece of lace from your local fabric shop, and you have a neat-o tablecloth.
(Don’t mind the fertilizer in the background. My husband is working on an inside garden project…but that’s a different story.)

We bought a bunch of glass vases and even the plastic tray at the dollar store…for seriously $1 each.
Wonderful idea from my counterpart, Harp!

We took them all and made a sort of yogurt bar.
Vanilla and Strawberry yogurt, Granola (which I might have forgotten to set out), Blueberries, and Strawberries.

Strategically placed around the rooms were wine glasses filled with Hot Tamales and Chocolates.
(Because what party of females doesn’t need chocolate?)

And probably everyone’s favorite food of the afternoon?!

That’s right. Twizzlers Pull-N-Peel. Can’t go wrong there.

So all together, it turned out pretty well it seemed!

At least the bride-to-be was all smiles! And that’s what really matters anyway!

As far as games and such go? You’re on your own for that one!!!

Happy Partying!

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