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  • Gender Reveal?! Our Lips are Sealed…

    Gender Reveal?! Our Lips are Sealed…

    We have had so much fun just in announcing the pregnancy and in finally answering the “What are you having?” question! We are so excited to welcome another baby girl to our family in February!!! [Excuse me while I go help Michael pick out a few shotguns…] As is probably suspected, I can’t take all […]

  • First Family Vacation: Day 1

    First Family Vacation: Day 1

    Boards are over. The munchkin is 2 years old. And we need a vacation before rotations. So here we are!!! (Wish us luck!) For me, one of the most important parts of vacationing is finding good food…and not just from the places everyone else goes. No. Discovery and Adventure is the name of the game. […]

  • 10 Signs You’ve Been Studying Too Much

    Taken from my most recent experience of studying for my first medical licensing exam, these things may indicate that you have been studying WAY TOO MUCH…and not enough all at the same time. 1. In a normal home, the parents say things like “Have fun at school!” and “I need to study.” Not in your house. […]

  • Mother’s Day 2013 and a Documentary About Lions

    It is my 3rd Mother’s Day as a “Mommy Lion”. I must say, I only thought I was fierce until my Baby Lion entered the picture. As a tribute, we did a documentary a few days ago on the subtle differences of communication between Daddy Lions and Baby Lions. Hope you all enjoy. HAPPY MOTHER’S […]

  • Nicaraguan Culture: A Journey of Pictures

  • DIY: Lace Bridal Shower

    So, we spent most of this past week in Reno, Nevada, getting my best friend married! For us thinkers, experiences like this cause lots of- well- thinking. About marriage. About Friendship. About all sorts of stuff. I’m sure when I get some more processing done, I’ll be able to put it all down in writing- […]

  • Doing It Myself: Words of Love

    Michael and I are having our 3rd summer marriage/wedding anniversary celebration. Apparently, people who have blazed the marriage trail before us were right. Year 3 can be a bit of a hill. They say year 7 comes with some “transitioning”, too. So, we have taken some great advice, and are (again) reading “The 5 Love […]

  • Anniversary Surprise

    My parents will have been married for 30 years in December. 30 years. Successfully. They didn’t have much when they got married. When I was born (I’m the oldest), they both had college degrees, but my dad dug ditches and worked at Pizza Hut since that’s all he could find to make a living. We […]

  • What Really Causes Heart Disease

    We had a professor this past year that went on rants…many, many rants….in a style similar to this… One such rant I remember being about how the problem with our eating habits as a country isn’t due to fat intake- but it is “a result of those sugar cereals replacing bacon and eggs for breakfast”. […]

  • Snapple

    Did you ever drink Snapple? What was your favorite flavor? Did you ever get sick of learning the same 3 facts over and over and over on your band trip where you were on a charter bus from Oklahoma to Florida? Or even better for choir to New York?? (Not that I have personal experience […]