Did you ever drink Snapple?
What was your favorite flavor?

Did you ever get sick of learning the same 3 facts over and over and over on your band trip where you were on a charter bus from Oklahoma to Florida? Or even better for choir to New York??
(Not that I have personal experience in this matter…)

Never fear. Someone, somewhere has been working on compiling such an important list.

And what better way to procrastinate studying for finals than to LEARN all SORTS of RANDOM FACTS?!

But wait! There’s more! If you make it through the LOOOONG list of factoids, you will find that they’ve even worked on checking to see just how true they really are.


(Thanks to a classmate for finding this awesomeness.)


2 responses to “Snapple”

    • HAHA I’ve never tried that….lol but I bet our band and our choir directors were glad we hadn’t thought of such things quite yet…