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  • On Being Pregnant…Again

    On Being Pregnant…Again

    First, I want to get the “usuals” out of the way. Yes, we know what causes this (I’m a freaking doctor, for crying out loud). Yes, this was planned. (See #1). No, we were not/are not “trying for a boy”. We always knew we would have “3 or 4”…(see #2). And this is how we […]

  • German Adventure (part three)

    German Adventure (part three)

    Well, I think that we have finally adjusted back to Tulsa time. (excuse the cheesy link) What an adventure we had in Germany. It was great fun it to reconnect with our German friends, be used as an instrument of blessing into the lives of the churches there, and build up the local church worship teams. […]

  • The Merger

    The Merger

      Well this post is going to be short and sweet. We are very excited to continue our blogging journeys—together!!! Welcome to TheLetneys.com! Your “subscription” has automatically been moved over so now, you will receive updates for TheLetneys.com instead of either Michael Letney Music or Cake for Your Thoughts.If you have already been an e-mail follower […]

  • How to Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant (Oh, And I Passed Boards)

    How to Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant (Oh, And I Passed Boards)

    Step 1: Make sure (with as many sticks as you need) that you are truly “with child”. Step 2: Enlist the help of a couple of good secret keepers…that happen to be available on a day during the week (SO glad we know such awesome people)! One who can take pictures, like lovely Whitney. And […]

  • 10 Signs You’ve Been Studying Too Much

    Taken from my most recent experience of studying for my first medical licensing exam, these things may indicate that you have been studying WAY TOO MUCH…and not enough all at the same time. 1. In a normal home, the parents say things like “Have fun at school!” and “I need to study.” Not in your house. […]

  • 26


    This year, I spent two days lamenting that I was turning 27…until I realized that I am indeed only now 26. My mom has informed that it will most likely not be the last time this happens. Hooray! Last year on my birthday, I did a lot of looking back—mainly at the good—and took an […]

  • Following the Call

    I love opening up and dreaming with people. It’s such a good, refreshing thing to be reminded of the desires we have to change the world. It’s also refreshing to see people living out the dreams that the Lord has placed on their hearts. No matter how much resistance- no matter how “crazy” it might […]

  • So, You Love a Student Doctor…

    So, You Love a Student Doctor…

    You are the few. The chosen. Perhaps the disillusioned.  But without you, we couldn’t make it. Medicine is a tough road to travel and not just for the student. Sometimes (ok, often times…) it’s the family and friends that get the brunt of it. At the beginning of the school year, I posted 10 Practical […]

  • Standing at Attention

    Standing at Attention

    I’ve never been in the military. The only time I ever really stood at attention was for marching band. I was in color guard, so I guess I never stood at a real attention—3rd position is a little weak for that. I was a freshman. The rest of us were already on the concrete practice […]

  • The Problem with Christian Universities

    I knew how many rules I was subjecting myself to when I decided to attend ORU. Curfews, no drinking, and for a while, nothing less than slacks in class. I loved it. I was 18 and ready to conquer the world. Every chapel was a face-to-face meeting with God surrounded by hundreds of others pointed […]