How to Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant (Oh, And I Passed Boards)

Step 1: Make sure (with as many sticks as you need) that you are truly “with child”.

Step 2: Enlist the help of a couple of good secret keepers…that happen to be available on a day during the week (SO glad we know such awesome people)!

One who can take pictures, like lovely Whitney.


And another who can distract the husband and get him where he needs to be…like Jon here.

Suspicious Jon

(Not suspicious at all…)

Step 3: Buy your supplies. I opted for pink and blue balloons and white shoe polish.

Step 4: Pick a spot that you are not likely to run into people you know…and that would make sense for your man to show up to. I had already set it up by mentioning that we should take our first munchkin to the park with her tricycle.

Step 5: Set it up- Wait- and Enjoy the Moment!

How to Tell Your Husband You are Pregnant

(I originally started with 12 balloons. However…the wind didn’t think that I needed them all…and I wound up with three. So a word of caution: Tie them well.)

Baby Surprise

Baby Surprise

We are so excited about this new adventure we are embarking upon. If one is fun, two must be double the fun!

Baby Surprise

Baby U/S

(Oh. And whilst in the OB’s waiting room today, I found out I passed my Step 1 boards for med school…in case you were wondering.)

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  • Love this post, Stephanie. Celebration is a spiritual discipline, and in it, you demonstrate the heart of God. Plus, y’all are nuts for having ANOTHER baby whilst in med school. It’s delightful, and I’m glad you passed boards.

    • Thank you! 🙂 We are very excited, and you’re right. I think we too often move on to the next thing instead of enjoying the moment. Haha- and yes. We are a little nuts. But might as well lose the sleep while we are young, right?

  • Jean123

    I told my soon to be husband by asking him if he will go shopping with me, put my pregnancy test in my purse, I drove since my car is the only one with a top on it. (It’s only March) . And I pulled into the expecting mother parking place,
    His first response was “you can’t park here” but I reach in my purse pulled my pregnancy test out
    And said yes I can. Let’s just say he was a little over exsided.

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