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  • Snapple

    Did you ever drink Snapple? What was your favorite flavor? Did you ever get sick of learning the same 3 facts over and over and over on your band trip where you were on a charter bus from Oklahoma to Florida? Or even better for choir to New York?? (Not that I have personal experience […]

  • Slow Man FAIL

    This was what we saw across the street when we got home from church yesterday. A truck was driving too fast around the curve and hit a parked car…and took out our poor neighbor’s brick mail box. No one was hurt, so it’s ok to laugh. Slow man FAIL.

  • I wonder if people actually made money off of these things….click on the noodle fan for more 🙂

  • 13 Simple Ways to Get through a Rough Day

    Today I have a neuro test. At 12:30. After class ends at 11:50. Sometimes serious thought just isn’t what the doctor ordered for the day. After all, a joyful heart is the best medicine! And this made me laugh. ENJOY! 13 Simple Ways to Get through a Rough Day

  • My New Bucket List

    I think I’ll quit medical school and do the following instead. Totally Kidding, of course…most days 😉