Nicaraguan Culture: A Journey of Pictures

Nicaraguan Culture: A Journey of Pictures

"Markets Outside The Cathedral"

“Markets Outside The Cathedral”

"Inside of The Cathedral"

“Inside of The Cathedral”

"Cathedral Artwork"

“Cathedral Artwork”

"Blue Nicaraguan Building"

“Blue Nicaraguan Building”

"Cattle and Wagon"
“Cattle and Wagon”

"A Traditional Nicaraguan Dance"
“A Traditional Nicaraguan Dance”

"A Local Church"
“A Local Church”


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  • Natalie Hastings

    Where are you working exactly? Came across your blog through your Christmas post (on pinterest). We just bought a house in Las Penitas, the beach town just outside of Leon. It’s a cute little town if you get a chance to go! Also I’d love to see more Christmas pics like the one you posted. Living vicariously as we aren’t down there til March.

    • Oh Fun! We were in Chacraseca (sp?) but did clinics in a few different regions. I’m sure you will love it! There are many fun things to see- just make sure you pack for hot weather!

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