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  • Calling All Runners!

    Or Bikers (bicyclists?….bicyclers?). Or Walkers! (Now that I can handle.) If you haven’t heard of the app “Charity Miles” yet, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to help others while helping yourself. The information was handed to us after volunteering at our local food bank. And while I’m not exactly the “running type”, […]

  • Med Students Flooding the Food Bank!

    As a part of First Year Orientation at OSU’s Med School, one afternoon is spent in what most people would call “community service”. Last year at this time, I was outside cutting brush…This year we decided to keep it all indoors! The group I got to “lead” was phenomenal. The thing about getting a group […]

  • DIY: Lace Bridal Shower

    So, we spent most of this past week in Reno, Nevada, getting my best friend married! For us thinkers, experiences like this cause lots of- well- thinking. About marriage. About Friendship. About all sorts of stuff. I’m sure when I get some more processing done, I’ll be able to put it all down in writing- […]

  • DIY: Blackberry Peach Dessert

    My parents ran by the house to drop some stuff off on their way to Altus. As a wonderful addition, they brought along with them a box full of some AMAZING local peaches. See? So, the question became, what am I going to do with all of them?! Well, this recipe that I adapted from […]

  • Doing It Myself: Skinny Broccoli and Chicken Alfredo

    I have kind of felt bad for not posting like I did during school. I don’t have 5 minutes between this lecture, 15 before this next lab starts….instead I’m usually chasing my little munchkin around…which is definitely more fun, no offense. It’s also a very interesting paradox—I get so much more done when there is […]