Med Students Flooding the Food Bank!

As a part of First Year Orientation at OSU’s Med School, one afternoon is spent in what most people would call “community service”.

Last year at this time, I was outside cutting brush…This year we decided to keep it all indoors!

The group I got to “lead” was phenomenal. The thing about getting a group of Type A, go get ’em med students who actually do want to “help people” like we all put somewhere in our applications, is that everyone pitches in, everything gets done, and it all gets done well. I timed how long it took for and entire pallet of food to be unloaded and gone. 30 seconds, and we were ready for more. Awesome!

We were at our local Food Bank. Unpacking, Sorting, Repacking- all with laughter and smiles!

I’m very excited to get to know this next class of future physicians. See how amazing they are?

Nothing can stop us from getting all of the Paper Goods out of this Box!!!

If you are looking for a way to get involved (either individually or as a group!) in the Tulsa area, I highly encourage you to check this place out. They are well-organized and highly effective. Something that is very important when choosing a place to spend your time, money, and efforts!

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