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  • Dear Patient

    Dear Patient

    Some of you will simply find me in a phone book via some online directory, needing something short and specific. I’ll see you once, maybe twice, and then we will part ways. Not because anything is wrong with you or with me. But just because life will take us that way. This isn’t really for […]

  • Why National WOMEN Physician Day

    Why National WOMEN Physician Day

    I was standing in the OR, obviously pregnant with our second child, when the attending surgeon, whom I had introduced myself to seconds before as his medical student for the day, turned to the male medical student with anesthesia and asked “Are you married?” “No, sir.” “Do you have a girlfriend?” “No, sir.” “Good. Women […]

  • What the Last Day of Medical School Feels Like

    What the Last Day of Medical School Feels Like

    March 11 was my last shift as a medical student. A doclette. A wanna-be-doctor. A short coat. Whatever you want to call it. I was excited and knew it was a big deal. It was all I thought about for a week. What I didn’t expect were tears. Tears of pure relief. Medical school is […]

  • Match Day!

    Match Day!

    Well you all hopefully understand the process a bit better, and now all 4th years that have matched are ready to be FREEEEEEE!!! We are excited to announce that: 1. I will be training as a Family Medicine Physician at OSU for 3 years beginning July 1, 2015!!! 2. WE GET TO STAY IN TULSA!!! […]

  • Why All 4th Year Medical Students Currently Look Like Zombies

    Why All 4th Year Medical Students Currently Look Like Zombies

    Until Monday, every D.O. student participating in “The [scariest-thing-you’ve-ever-had-to-wait-on] Match” will be counting down the days. It’s been happening to me every morning completely involuntarily for about a week. You see, we have each typically spent (at least) 4 years getting our undergraduate degree and now 4 years of medical school to officially be called […]

  • Breastfeeding for the Working Mom: My Story

    Breastfeeding for the Working Mom: My Story

    Michael has been hounding me for a while to make a blog post. Haha, I don’t know that this is what he had in mind, but he seems to think it’s pretty well done. Apparently it was Breastfeeding Week…which is the perfect time to begin this post that I’ve been working on for a while. […]

  • The Psychiatric Implications of Online Church

    The Psychiatric Implications of Online Church

    The Rules: I have written rules for a post once before. It’s the one’s that make me nervous to post. But, here it goes. This is long. If you’re going to read it, take the time to read it. I won’t be offended if you don’t. I won’t even know if you don’t. Do not […]

  • 10 Signs You’ve Been Studying Too Much

    Taken from my most recent experience of studying for my first medical licensing exam, these things may indicate that you have been studying WAY TOO MUCH…and not enough all at the same time. 1. In a normal home, the parents say things like “Have fun at school!” and “I need to study.” Not in your house. […]

  • Project PSA: V-Day

    Project PSA: V-Day

    It’s February. Everywhere you turn, there’s red and pink. Hearts, flowers, chocolates….whatever. What you don’t see, however, are the Love Bugs. (Not these…) (Or those…) But THESE!!! Yes, friends. These are the Love Bugs that you don’t see. Trichomonas vaginalis to be exact. This little flagellated parasite (sounds yummy, huh?) is one of the special […]

  • Nicaragua: The Clinic

    So I’ve been back from Nicaragua for almost a month.  I’m still not sure that I’ve actually processed it all, but I realized that I still have more pictures to put out there! We were located mainly in an area called “Chacraseca”. Here, there was a main clinic where one team would stay each day. […]