Nicaragua: The Clinic

So I’ve been back from Nicaragua for almost a month.  I’m still not sure that I’ve actually processed it all, but I realized that I still have more pictures to put out there!

We were located mainly in an area called “Chacraseca”.

Nicaragua Map With Chacraseca

Here, there was a main clinic where one team would stay each day. Upon our arrival each morning, this was a normal site. People were already lined up, waiting to be seen.

Nicaragua Clinic

Two other teams would then be directed to a village in another sector, sometimes a 2-3 hour drive on a bus….or in the back of trucks.

Nicaragua Mission- Truck Ride

Those locations were not clinics at all. Like the one you see below, they were often in the one or two-room schools.

Medical Mission Nicaragua

We had a rotation set up to work the pharmacy. It was a good Day 1 for me to look up different drugs and get an idea of what the most common complaints would be for the rest of my week. We rocked it.

Pharmacy- Medical Mission Nicaragua

After all of the patients had been seen in each clinic, teams would go out and do house calls.

House Call Nicaragua

It was an amazing and humbling experience to be able bring some sort of relief and help to those who were unable make the journey to the clinic. Sometimes, it was just a huge face-off with My God Complex

Some of the immediate help that we could offer a person came in the form of walkers that had been donated by a company from my hometown. (THANK YOU!) Walkers for Nicaragua

The wonderful thing about the walkers was that we could take them anywhere…even to some of the most rural areas.

Medical Mission Walkers

And they definitely brought joy from a new-found autonomy to those who received them.

Medical Mission Orthopedics

This trip to Nicaragua was wonderful in so many ways. I am so thankful for all of you who supported through finances and prayers and even just your curiosity in conversation. I’m excited to see what the future holds in this journey of life and medicine!

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  1. Love the expression on the face of the lady with her new walker! So glad you were able to go on this trip!!