Project PSA: V-Day

It’s February.

Everywhere you turn, there’s red and pink.

Hearts, flowers, chocolates….whatever.

What you don’t see, however, are the Love Bugs.

Love Bugs

(Not these…)

Love Bug Love Bug

(Or those…)

But THESE!!!

Love Bugs

Yes, friends. These are the Love Bugs that you don’t see. Trichomonas vaginalis to be exact. This little flagellated parasite (sounds yummy, huh?) is one of the special gems that can be yours, if you so choose!

So during this special time of love (or lust), please, consider the following.

1. Love is love, but Herpes is forever.

It’s true. There is no cure for Herpes. We can decrease transmission rates but not with any guarantee of when or to whom this Love Bug will be transferred. Even if someone is lesion-free, they can still be “shedding” the virus and sharing their friend with you!

Al Capone

2. The cops couldn’t get Al Capone, but the spirochete could.

Most of us have heard of syphilis. It’s caused by the spirochete (a corkscrew-shaped bacteria) Treponema pallidum. If it’s left untreated, it can cause “Tertiary Syphilis” or “Neurosyphilis” which can mean confusion, meningitis, or even a stroke. Allergic to Penicillin? Too bad. We’re going to give it to you anyway (after we desensitize you to it, of course), because there’s not really an alternative.

And it’s true. It got Al.

3. Russian Roulette is always a bad idea…especially in the bedroom. 

Let’s say you always use a condom. Every. Single. Time. They protect against STD’s, right? Yes. They are definitely our BEST option. But best does not mean perfect. If you use a condom every time, it’s still like playing Russian Roulette. About a ONE IN SIX CHANCE it’s going to fail on you. Yikes-o.

So whether you are loving the season of pink and red or absolutely despising it, think about a few things before you just go diving off the deep end.

And don’t forget!

Project PSA V-Day

(I would like to thank a wonderful OB/Gyn lecturer and a certain Virology lecturer for the above inspiration and statements. And let’s all thank me for going to lecture those days. Cheers!)

BONUS 2014 Addition:

(And thanks to another awesome OB/Gyn for this little nugget!)

One response to “Project PSA: V-Day”

  1. Ah, love, love, love…
    I heard a stat yesterday that was interesting. In the elderly population, they aren’t even using condoms so much. They figure they won’t get pregnant so there’s no risk. Thereby their STD rate is now higher than the general population. And when they go to their doctor most times they are not being tested, for the doctor assumes they aren’t having sex. Goes to show no matter age or education we can always learn a ‘little’ more.
    Lol, have a Love-ly day!!