And so it begins…

And so it begins…

It all started one day when yet another of my classmates asked me the question.

“How do you do it?”

I’ve stopped asking “What do you mean?” I know full and well what they mean.

I am young,
Married to a wonderful man who also happens to be a Worship Pastor,
Mother to my beautiful 10-month-old Daughter…

But I think what tops it off that makes everyone’s jaw drop is that I am also
A Medical School Student. (Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn).

(For those of you asking “So are you going to be a nurse?”, No. I will be a doctor in T- 3 years and 2 months.)

Usually I’ve answered “I have an amazing husband who takes care of everything.” Which is probably more accurate than I even realize.

Sometimes I say “By the Grace of God!” Also very true.
Other times, usually right around test time “I have no idea…” pops out before I can stop it.

But for some ambitious person out there who wants to have your cake and eat it too (or for anyone out there, really), what can I say that may be truly practical?

A lot of times people boil it down to “You must be really good at Time Management”. Not really. Ha- not innately at all. If you really want a good, well-thought answer, this is for you.

If not, just boil it down to how awesome God is.

I’m sure there will be some unrelated rants- some good medical info- and some baby pictures (because who doesn’t think that my Abby is the cutest!) And I hope that maybe, among the bagillion blogs out there, maybe this one will make a difference to a few here and there. Enjoy.

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  • Matador

    I’m with you on this one, we must always give credit to the Lord.

  • Jerrica Jones

    I look forward to following your blog Stephanie! Welcome to the blogger world! I have often wondered how you do what you do.. 🙂 I also agree that there are alot of things none of us could do without God’s Help. We are definitely in good hands!

    • We are MOST DEFINITELY in good hands! Thanks for the welcome! I’m excited to see where this journey takes me- both in blogging and just in life!

  • Jennifer Walker

    Very well said! Thanks for the reminder that our God is an awesome God! And if by chance you need a little extra help, I’m here!

  • Thank you, thank you!!! Keeping Abby randomly is a HUGE help–and everything that you do to keep Michael organized and in line 🙂 haha

  • Such a pretty litlle girl. Enjoy her!!

    • Thank you so much! I most DEFINITELY do! She’s wonderful- with a personality to boot! 🙂