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    Well you know you’re in trouble on your birthday when the waiter brings the entire male staff to sing your “Happy Birthday” tune while making jokes about it being your 22nd birthday. Apparently I have truly entered adulthood, though I blame that on the fact that I had both of the kids with me. But […]

  • Fruit Picking

    Fruit Picking

    I’ve heard it said that we should be careful what character traits we ask The Lord to give us…because in order to become patient, one must be placed in a position that requires patience. Things like loving our enemies, being joyful no matter the storm, choosing direct kindness instead of writing someone off… We want […]

  • What the Last Day of Medical School Feels Like

    What the Last Day of Medical School Feels Like

    March 11 was my last shift as a medical student. A doclette. A wanna-be-doctor. A short coat. Whatever you want to call it. I was excited and knew it was a big deal. It was all I thought about for a week. What I didn’t expect were tears. Tears of pure relief. Medical school is […]

  • Breastfeeding for the Working Mom: Baby is Here!

    Breastfeeding for the Working Mom: Baby is Here!

    Yay!!! You’ve nested, labored and delivered, and now you have finally met this little person that will absolutely flip your whole world upside down. It’s the greatest feeling in the world and the scariest, too, the first time around. But don’t be scared of your newest love. Take a deep breath. Here are some things […]

  • Breastfeeding for the Working Mom: The Nesting Phase

    Breastfeeding for the Working Mom: The Nesting Phase

    You’re pregnant! You’ve decided to breast feed. Congratulations- on BOTH counts!!! These are some things that you can actually do/purchase/prepare when you’re in this lovely energetic phase! (Please read the first post in this series before reading any further. By reading the suggestions in the following posts you are agreeing that you understand that this […]

  • First Family Vacation: Day 1

    First Family Vacation: Day 1

    Boards are over. The munchkin is 2 years old. And we need a vacation before rotations. So here we are!!! (Wish us luck!) For me, one of the most important parts of vacationing is finding good food…and not just from the places everyone else goes. No. Discovery and Adventure is the name of the game. […]

  • Mother’s Day 2013 and a Documentary About Lions

    It is my 3rd Mother’s Day as a “Mommy Lion”. I must say, I only thought I was fierce until my Baby Lion entered the picture. As a tribute, we did a documentary a few days ago on the subtle differences of communication between Daddy Lions and Baby Lions. Hope you all enjoy. HAPPY MOTHER’S […]

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    This year, I spent two days lamenting that I was turning 27…until I realized that I am indeed only now 26. My mom has informed that it will most likely not be the last time this happens. Hooray! Last year on my birthday, I did a lot of looking back—mainly at the good—and took an […]

  • A Quick Answer to The Problem with Christian Universities

    It’s amazing how it seems that life slows down for a bit, you get settled into a new routine, and God shakes it all up again. And yet, when you follow the call that He has given you, He brings peace and confirmation amidst the resistance. The other day, we went to see Hillsong and […]

  • One Year Ago…

    One year ago, at about this time actually, I was on hands and knees with my first real contractions, yelling at my frantic husband who was running around in his rather comical boxers asking me what to do. “Before you do anything I need for you to put on some clothes so I can take […]