One Year Ago…

One Year Ago…

One year ago, at about this time actually, I was on hands and knees with my first real contractions, yelling at my frantic husband who was running around in his rather comical boxers asking me what to do.

“Before you do anything I need for you to put on some clothes so I can take you seriously!!!”

And so, I went from this….

To this…..

In a fast 7 hours….

Our journey of diapers and sleepless nights and Letting Go and discovering a different kind of love than either of us had ever felt before really began.

I can’t say that this new love is deeper…it kind of bothers me when people say that.
It’s just a different kind of love.

But, we only have one word for all types of love—oh, the English language. But that is for a different time.

I think as parents, we all have different dreams for our children, whether it’s education or sports or a family of their own or an instrument….

But I pray that I can put those aside—and put God’s will for her first.

That God would show me how to “raise her according to her bent”.

That, somehow, I could show her love—God’s love for her through Jesus.

That I would be able to handle the hard transitions in such a way that we are able to develop a stronger relationship through the changes rather than pushing her away.

And that God would fill in the gaps that I leave (because none of us are perfect at this whole parenting thing).

I already have no doubt that she is strong. (She got some of her momma.)
I also have no doubt of the contagious joy that she has. (She also got some of her daddy).

I pray that God shows me how to grow and channel those things into her gifts and character instead of trying to mold her into some image I have in my head.

I pray that I steward the gift of my children in such a way that they can grow into who they are called to be—whatever profession and wherever it takes them—with as little baggage and as many tools as possible…and with a good knowledge of how to use them.

Here’s to you Baby Girl. I’m excited to see where you go in life.

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