Be All There (Part 3)

Yesterday, I was absolutely overwhelmed at the response to my post. I was truly excited, truly humbled…

And then truly confused.

“Why are people even reading this? I don’t know anything!”

And then truly ridiculous.

“How am I going to write anything that people are going to care about again? I don’t think I have that much more to say!”

It happens after a good test score, too.
“Wow that’s awesome!!! I don’t think I can keep it up…”
So then I start studying again…

I think it’s hard not to just jump on to the next project for us Type A, glass-half-empty, control freaks.

So today’s resolution?

I’m going to enjoy the good parts of life. Good test scores, lots of blog views, a bonus at work…

I’m going to be all there in that moment!

So a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who reads and likes and follows. It’s been a fun journey already! I’m EXCITED to see where it goes!

Take a break (with a Kit-Kat if you so desire), and enjoy!!!