All Things Easter

All Things Easter

Being in an osteopathic medical school and attending undergrad where I did, I automatically like to think of things as “Spirit, Mind/Soul, Body” or “Spiritual, Emotional/Mental, Physical”.

So why not Easter?

Easter is pretty much a BIG deal. And it’s all about Life…especially the life that we can have through Jesus.

(Warning: Lots of Clicking Ahead- But good for some Sunday afternoon reading, if I do say so myself.)


Good Song.

And if you need a service to attend and can’t make it, check out The Church at Battle Creek at 9 and 11 (Central Standard Time- I’ve always want to say that…)


Doctors like to think a lot. Sometimes we over-think things. But I don’t always think it’s a bad thing (see what I did there….)

I really thought that this entry, “Elephant in Your Room”, said what I would have.


Like I said, Easter is all about Life–even just our physical life. I mean–God raised Jesus from the dead.
I know I went on a rant the other day about health. But what practical ways can you make the Baby Steps to living a healthier life?

One of my friends has a WONDERFUL blog called “Healthy Isn’t Hard”, all about the “How to’s”. They aren’t crazy out there. She’s very balanced in her approach, and she shares from her own experience. I encourage you to start there if you’re looking for ways to start improving your Physical Life.

What a better way to celebrate Easter than to appreciate ALL aspects of the Life we have been given by our Creator?!

Haha I guess today is “Mooch off of other people’s writings” day. AKA- Easter. Cheers!

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