Singin’ in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain

Oh, it’s been one of those weeks. Baby girl is doing better, though still not enough to warrant normal life. It’s
been difficult to study, and even more difficult to take her to the doctor.

I have a very high respect for those parents who have to do that with their children often, for whatever reason. It’s miserable to watch them getting poked and prodded and tested.

Baby’s are so resilient, though. Getting her first sucker didn’t hurt that either. Ha!
(Yes, I know it’s bad for her teeth. No, this will not be a habit. But, after all that she went through, I didn’t care, and that’s ok sometimes. At least she likes to share.)

             I’m also pretty convinced that I couldn’t do peds. I would just cry all of the time for various reasons. (So much for the tough act I typically have…)

Anyway, all of this has gotten me to thinking about joy.
What is it? How do we have it?

I know it’s a “fruit of the Spirit”.
Paul says to “Count it all joy”.
But what does that really look like?

I think Paul had a good idea, what with singing in his jail cell and all.
But what gave him that idea? Why did he do it?

I think in many ways it’s a choice. But I don’t think it’s a choice to choose joy.
(Did you follow that?)

Let me explain.

If I choose to trust God, I can’t help but have joy.
If I choose to have hope, knowing that He has good plans for me, I can’t help but have joy.
If I choose to sing in the rain because I know everything works out for the good of those who love Him, I can’t help but have joy.

I don’t think we actually need to focus on “being joyful”. Then we are just fake, and we wonder why we are still as miserable with a smile on our face as we were without it.

But, like I said, it’s a fruit of the Spirit. It’s not the root. It’s not the cause.
It’s a result of a heart that is fully reliant upon God.

So maybe we should shift our focus from what’s going on and how we “should” act to simply loving, trusting, and having a real relationship with our Father—then we might find that love, joy, peace, etc. would follow.

And, of course, there is a song…

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  • This is so true! I’ve been wondering lately about why I can’t make myself feel happy when I’m feeling upset or depressed or whatever. Maybe its because we can’t make ourselves feel that pure joy. Like you said, God can give it to us if we ask for it/trust in Him. Thanks for this 🙂 And I hope your baby girl feels better 🙂

    • I’m glad it got you thinking! 🙂 She’s doing MUCH better finally. Not 100% yet, but we’re getting there. YAY!

  • Hebrews says, “And for the JOY set before Him, Jesus endured the cross dispising the shame.”

    • So very true. Sorry may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning. We may not be able to have it now, but if we “stick to our guns” when it comes to our walk with God, we know that joy follows…good, good point.

  • Meygan

    Poor sweet little girl sick babies are the pits and suckers are ok sometimes! Or at least in my world they are! Another wonderful post.

    • Haha yep! Most definitely ok- sometimes you just need to see a smile!!! Thanks!

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