Silent Killers

Silent Killers

There are many diseases that I would consider to be “silent killers”…mainly because we simply cannot detect them early enough to treat them effectively.

That’s why it is very important to be aware of risks and symptoms–so that we can prevent and detect early as much as possible.

Now, while ninjas and mimes may not be discussed in the future, things like pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, and any other plethora of inspiration that I come across will be.

I would, however, like to preface this with a couple of thoughts.

#1 Do not let this turn you into a hypochondriac. People make the joke often, but it’s true, that medical school students are the worst. We are…because a random list of vague symptoms makes you go “Wait! I have that!” There is a healthy fear to be had for disease, just like you should for your local rattlesnake. But don’t let it consume you.

#2. Do not think that you are now as qualified on this subject as your doctor. You’re not. I’m not. It’s how you get into trouble, thinking that you know more than you do. This information is going to be very much simplified. Doctors go to school for a very long time to learn this stuff–especially those that have specialized. You aren’t going to be on their level by reading this blog…even though I am a pretty good writer 😉

#3. Don’t think that I can give you medical advice. I am a student. Not a doctor quite yet. So my advice is probably going to be something like “Well, if you’re concerned about it, you should probably see your doctor”.

#4. Realize that in medicine, there are always exceptions. Docs that come in and lecture always say “Your patients won’t read the textbook.” Not everyone presents the same and not everyone responds the same to treatment. As much as medicine is science…everyone is different.

Let this be a good place to gain some good information and become a little more educated about things that you may not hear about so often. Maybe it can inspire you to get involved in some of these causes. Who knows.

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Otherwise, be prepared. We’re starting with the pancreas.

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