The Door Behind You

The Door Behind You

We all go through transitions…

New life being born and sudden deaths. Moving somewhere you never imagined setting foot or
Making a home somewhere you only thought would be a pit stop.
Starting school. Quitting a job.
Rising to the top or falling in a pit.
Getting married or cutting a relationship once thought to be lifelong.

It happens to everyone.

Some changes are more enjoyable than others. But without fail, at some point, we turn around, longing for what was once our reality. We desire the familiarity of the places and stages before.

And we see the door behind us- the door that would take us back “home”.

Sometimes you can go back. Usually it isn’t wise.

When God calls you forward, walk with Him.

Be fond of your memories, but realize that no matter how hard your path seems to be, going back to the familiar is not worth the regret of turning your back on God’s call.

You may spend more time on a boat (like Noah) or in a desert (like the Israelites) than is comfortable—but you have to release your control of what you thought this part of your life would look like.

If you’ve handed your life to God—and truly made Him Lord—He will guide your every move…if you let Him.

And you won’t be able to go back unless you hurt yourself in the process because…

He will be gracious enough to close the door behind you (Genesis 7:16).

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