A Very Present Hope. Advent Week 2

Last week, I wrote about expectation. Advent is a season marked with expectation, preparation, longing.

He has come, He is here, He is coming again soon. And He is the hope of the world.

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So, yes, in this Advent season, we await His return when He will rule in glory. But He is very presently here! And if He is in You, then you carry the hope of the world with you. So if you are feeling discouraged about what is surrounding you, be His answer.

He is your hope. Right now. So if you need some hope, why don’t you go talk to Him? Go on.

“Come, Lord Jesus, Come.”

Oh, also-

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  • Mary Beth McElroy

    Last year at this time, God said those very words to us in prophetic prayer and revelation. Be the Answer! For the Answer reside in you with all wisdom, hope and counsel. Do it!

  • He is here! Thank you for your reflections here!

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