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It’s finally time

If you take a look back to November at my post on obedience, you might remember that I made a little announcement / promise to you all.

“When we ask for His forgiveness, salvation, love, mercy, power, grace, Spirit, He hears. When we follow with obedience to Him, He shows up. Which means I can now do the other “last thing He told me to do”… Finally make a record of my own. So, I’m excited to tell you all that you can look for a record from me in the next year! I am so excited to share it with you all.

Here’s to the next step of the journey.”

– Michael, November 2013

Not working on someone else’s project or anything like that–finally a project of my own music.

In that time, and for a long time before that I might add, many of you have asked me when it will be finished, or if I was even still working on it.

Today, I’m so excited to announce that my first project, titled “Here with You” will release on April 23rd!

It will be available here at for physical purchase, and online via several digital retailers (iTunes, etc)!

There are a few songs you may know even if you have never heard my originals, and a few originals that I think you’ll like a lot.
I will be posting pre-ordering info, links for purchase, track listings, album art, and behind the scenes extras between now and then. So until then, stay tuned here for more updates.

For starters, have a look at this video of the behind the scenes tracking for one of my originals, “To Be With You”.

While you’re at it, would you share this on your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page today? Help me get the word out!

To Be With You (Tracking Edit) from Michael Letney on Vimeo.



Comments ( 10 )

  • Matthew Steward

    Nice job Michael! Great song and the video really compliments the raw songwriter’s perspective.

  • Michael, I love it and what a nice reflection of what’s in your heart. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing. 🙂

  • Angela Johnson

    BRAVO!!!! I am soooo happy for you and I can’t wait until the 23rd. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Sabrina Palidar

    So beautiful!! I can’t wait to hear more!

  • Cheryl Sheeran

    Absolutely lovely. I will be sharing on Facebook tomorrow!!

  • David Sheridan

    AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! Great work my friend……

  • Mary Beth McElroy

    Michael… The Appointed Times of Jesus are at hand and beginning to be manifested. God is birthing new sound of “love” for His Son through His Bride. This is the time of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. You have opened yourself to release the “new sound” of heaven on earth to bring us all back to a place of “worship.” The King of Kings, the lover of our souls, Jesus! Well done. May God be glorified in all that you do.

  • Monte Horton

    May your voice always have that clarity and conviction…

  • Erin Bjornberg

    So genuine. It brings my heart to worship my Savior, Jesus. Thank you!

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