Expanding Hearts and the Pictures Everyone Wants to See

It’s true that your heart expands when you have children. I’ve only done it twice- but it happened each time. They are two totally different people. I love them each as deeply as the other, but my relationship with each is and will be different both now and in the years to come. They will […]

Grumpy People (Me)

Yesterday, I made a “ninja move” as described by one of my friends: I went to another part of town completely and totally alone. (I attribute this ninja skill to our recent viewings of Kung Fu Panda, but moving on…) I made a pit stop to indulge in a little coffee delight at one of […]

Because The Book Said So

We started a tradition last year that we think will become a part of our yearly family Christmastime. The night we are going to decorate the tree, we all get to open a present with our new Christmas pajamas. We start a fire in the fireplace, blast the carols, and sip hot chocolate a little […]

Gender Reveal?! Our Lips are Sealed…

We have had so much fun just in announcing the pregnancy and in finally answering the “What are you having?” question! We are so excited to welcome another baby girl to our family in February!!! [Excuse me while I go help Michael pick out a few shotguns…] As is probably suspected, I can’t take all […]

Across Mongolia – The Story

You may remember a couple of posts about a friend that had a dream to across the entire country of Mongolia to raise money and awareness for the orphans there. Here is the story behind it all. He is currently in the middle of the run, so send thoughts and prayers their way! If you […]

How to Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant (Oh, And I Passed Boards)

Step 1: Make sure (with as many sticks as you need) that you are truly “with child”. Step 2: Enlist the help of a couple of good secret keepers…that happen to be available on a day during the week (SO glad we know such awesome people)! One who can take pictures, like lovely Whitney. And […]

First Family Vacation: Day 1

Boards are over. The munchkin is 2 years old. And we need a vacation before rotations. So here we are!!! (Wish us luck!) For me, one of the most important parts of vacationing is finding good food…and not just from the places everyone else goes. No. Discovery and Adventure is the name of the game. […]

10 Signs You’ve Been Studying Too Much

10 Signs You’ve Been Studying Too Much

Taken from my most recent experience of studying for my first medical licensing exam, these things may indicate that you have been studying WAY TOO MUCH…and not enough all at the same time. 1. In a normal home, the parents say things like “Have fun at school!” and “I need to study.” Not in your house. […]

Mother’s Day 2013 and a Documentary About Lions

Mother’s Day 2013 and a Documentary About Lions

It is my 3rd Mother’s Day as a “Mommy Lion”. I must say, I only thought I was fierce until my Baby Lion entered the picture. As a tribute, we did a documentary a few days ago on the subtle differences of communication between Daddy Lions and Baby Lions. Hope you all enjoy. HAPPY MOTHER’S […]

James 1:27

James 1:27

You may remember me mentioning some friends that are going to RUN across the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Mongolia to raise funds and awareness for the orphans there. They are doing a great fundraiser that can also remind you to keep them in your prayers as they continue on this journey. Please check it out and […]