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  • Bounding Into Health

    Death sucks. I’ve had people that were too close to me pass too early. And even when those who had lived a full life pass (like my Mama Kay who lived to be in her 100’s), it is still no fun. Disease sucks. I worked with breast cancer patients for two years…saw the good and […]

  • Passion or Compassion

    Alright. Stick with me. I think it will be worth it. I debated on whether to put pictures and such…but…I think it would be more of a distraction about cool places or (if it were me) digress to pity. And pity is absolutely NOT the point here. Without further ado… “And there came a leper […]

  • Perspective

    POST TEN! I thought I’d try to be clever—do something really awesome and celebratory for 10 posts…but come on. Maybe when I hit 100… Today, I will be visiting the beach—back in Egypt… …totally and completely in my mind. In reality, I will be getting a ridiculous amount of allergy shots. How many? Let’s just […]

  • Some People

    It’s the first day back from Spring Break. Ugh. And this is how I feel about it… Which then just makes me gripe about stuff… Some politicians are phony—(ok, maybe all of them, but that doesn’t fit the scheme). Some doctors are arrogant– they shouldn’t have such God-complexes. Some waiters are rude. Some moms are […]