Some People

Some People

It’s the first day back from Spring Break. Ugh.

And this is how I feel about it…

This was actually me being frustrated at my Arabic lesson...but it's the same idea.

Which then just makes me gripe about stuff…

Some politicians are phony—(ok, maybe all of them, but that doesn’t fit the scheme).

Some doctors are arrogant– they shouldn’t have such God-complexes.

Some waiters are rude.

Some moms are overprotective.

Some Christians are just so religious.

Some pastors are too preachy.

Some people should NOT dress like that.

Some people talk too much.

Some people are so immature.

Some people shouldn’t have kids. (You know it’s true.)

Some people are so annoying—and awkward.

Some people are too uptight—they need to loosen up.

Some people should pay attention in class.

Some people have no common sense

Some people are selfish and greedy.

Some people are ungrateful.

Some people gripe too much.

Some (insert noun) are/should/shouldn’t/need to (insert gripe here).

Obviously none of these are referring to me—I’ve got it together enough to make these kinds of statements. They aren’t judgmental, just realistic. (Please tell me you’re catching the sarcasm by now!) And I don’t ever have bad days that would make me act like that…pst…

Don’t worry. Neither do you! And I would never say this to you!

But, ugh. Some people….

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