Bounding Into Health

Death sucks.

I’ve had people that were too close to me pass too early.
And even when those who had lived a full life pass (like my Mama Kay who lived to be in her 100’s), it is still no fun.

Disease sucks.

I worked with breast cancer patients for two years…saw the good and bad.
I’ve known people with diseases from Crohn’s to MS to Lupus to other types of cancer…
We all do. You may be someone who has it.

I think, though, that the worst death and the worst diseases are those we can prevent.

Just ask a smoker with lung cancer.
Or someone who has had bypass surgery from having such a sedentary lifestyle.
Or a family member of someone killed by a drunk driver.

I suppose death and disease bothers me enough that I’ve decided to dedicate my life to studying it and fighting it.

I’m often bothered by the amount of joking that occurs sometimes, too, especially about things that can be prevented.

I know that quitting smoking is hard.
I know that exercising is hard.
I know that choosing better food—or less food—is hard.
I know that changing your entire lifestyle is hard.

I also know how much damage that you are causing yourself by not changing these things. I learn about it everyday.

You’re killing yourself and smiling on your way. It’s true.

And, sure, we all have to cope with our weaknesses somehow. Joking is a happy, feel-good way to do that. But too often, it’s used as a justification or a way to laugh it off instead of motivation.

(And, no, I’m not really sorry if I offend someone…maybe you need to be offended to get your butt in gear. Just click “unfollow”, if you like…though it probably means you should take this seriously.)

Yes, I have sympathy. I wish I had a magic solution for you. But I don’t.

Educated change is the only way that your prognosis, your quality of life, and the length of your life can get any better.

Now, all I can provide you with is information and resources—and maybe a little inspiration, if we are lucky.

You have to make the decision to change.

That being said, I have decided to kind of “expand”, if you will, into kind of a health section for the blog.

Hopefully, I can provide some good, practical information about things that will actually mean something to you or someone you are close to, whether it’s about screening tests or treatment options or some stats to ponder.

After all, “your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit…” (1 Corinthians 6:19-NLT)

So this is my appeal to you.

1) Be thankful for the health you have. Whether it’s failing or difficult or perfect—you are still here for a reason!

2) Please begin to think about your health and the health of those you love—and
be open to change that would lead to its improvement.

3) Please give me some ideas or ask some questions here.

(I may not have the answer right this second, but I will do my best to find out from legitimate sources!)

10 responses to “Bounding Into Health”

  1. Good post! I take my health and my kids health very seriously and do everything i know to keep the, healthy naturally. It’s worth it.

    • Very good! It most DEFINITELY is worth it. My philosophy is that I would rather pay more to eat better now than pay medical bills later. The earlier it starts, the better!

  2. I came to the realization back in February that maybe my “miracle” for my health was my surgery. When I think about it that way I realize, pain can be quite wonderful; and through THAT, you see God and his grace a lot more clearly. GREAT post.

    • Unfortunately, sometimes what can bring health requires pain to get there. You’re right- God can definitely work through it. Stay strong, friend. You’re a trooper, for sure.