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  • Baby Steps, Bob!

    When change happens TO me- it seems to happen suddenly. Last January there was one business week that went something like this. 1. Michael’s interview at The Church. 2. We found out that we were having an “Abigail”. 3. I had my medical school interview. 4. We closed on our first house. Talk about change. […]

  • Bounding Into Health

    Death sucks. I’ve had people that were too close to me pass too early. And even when those who had lived a full life pass (like my Mama Kay who lived to be in her 100’s), it is still no fun. Disease sucks. I worked with breast cancer patients for two years…saw the good and […]

  • Productive

    If you’re one of those “go with the flow”, “glass is half-full”, “I’ll get it done tomorrow” kind of people, you may not understand this. Opposite people (like me) will understand this completely. I hate not being productive. Yes, I do my fair share of slacking off and socializing…now. Believe it or not, that was […]

  • 13 Simple Ways to Get through a Rough Day

    Today I have a neuro test. At 12:30. After class ends at 11:50. Sometimes serious thought just isn’t what the doctor ordered for the day. After all, a joyful heart is the best medicine! And this made me laugh. ENJOY! 13 Simple Ways to Get through a Rough Day

  • Be All There (Part 3)

    Yesterday, I was absolutely overwhelmed at the response to my post. I was truly excited, truly humbled… And then truly confused. “Why are people even reading this? I don’t know anything!” And then truly ridiculous. “How am I going to write anything that people are going to care about again? I don’t think I have […]