80-20 Rule

80-20 Rule

Has God ever taken you on a journey that just doesn’t make sense sometimes?


Starting this blog was kind of difficult for me, to be honest. I wasn’t sure how I felt about just “putting it all out there”—and running the risk of being labeled…well…all sorts of things like: hypocrite, liar, stupid, naïve, etc. And especially with the variety of circles that I am apart of, it’s just a little…unnerving. But I truly have felt led to do this.

So I do.

And yet today, the thing that is on my heart to say is rather…contrary to what blogging is really all about.

Oh the irony…

Between yesterday’s post and my momma’s comment, I started thinking about how to gain perspective.

I had a friend one time that told me what her rule in counseling is.
Most people really need to hear this, consider it, and work at it, because it doesn’t come easy. I do my best to employ it as much as possible in applicable situations, as difficult as it may be.

Speak 20% of what you are thinking. Leave 80% unspoken.



1)   It forces you to listen more—because you don’t have as much to say!

It gives you a better grasp and understanding of where people are coming from, and, oftentimes, allows you to build better relationships…because people are listened to! (Such a novel concept.)

2)   It forces you to only say the things that are probably even worth listening to…

Because most of what we probably have to say is fluff.

And that, my friends is my 20% for the day.


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  • Jerrica Jones


    I totally agree and I believe this can come in handy where our relationship with God is concerned. Many times we go to Him with our long list of complaints and start laying out our list of things we want him to do in our lives and which of our plans we want him to bring to pass, when He says to ” Be still and know that I am God.”

    In all of our “talking,” we are unable to hear his voice. He already knows the situations we are in and he already has a way of escape. So we need to go to him and say “Your will be done” and then listen for him to speak the answer, because he will if we are listening.

    Good thought! 🙂

  • Good post. I honestly applaud you for putting yourself out “here”. I don’t think I could do it. By the way, I read all of your posts. 🙂

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