The Personhood Act- What are Your Thoughts?

The Personhood Act- What are Your Thoughts?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this lately. I haven’t quite decided whether to tackle it or not…I also have no idea HOW I would quite put it out there either…

So first, I’m going to see if it’s even worth writing about (because I would put some time and effort into this…) If it’s a flop, that’s fine.


And, no worries, no one (not even me!!!) can see what you vote.

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  • Melissa

    It’s one of the things that makes me do a complete and utter facepalm when I think about the path that this wonderful state is heading down with all of these wacky, extreme laws being proposed. I would love to hear your insight on it. If I got a vote, it would be NO, a very big, very loud NO. Speaking of, have you heard if we are going to get to vote on it this in November, or is it a cross your fingers and hope that your representatives will feels the same way you do kind of thing?

    • Basically there’s a group trying to get it put on the November ballot, but they have to get a certain number of signatures. Tune in in about- 20 min….

  • Trowephotography

    Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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