An Adventure in Nicaragua

An Adventure in Nicaragua

At a very young age (like age 5), I decided that I wanted to travel and help people.
I was going to be a veterinarian in Africa.

As we can see, that is not exactly how life played out.
We don’t even own a dog.

When I was about 13, I worked in a vet’s office cleaning cages and taking care of all the animals.
I quickly determined that not only was it not fun because I just couldn’t breathe (allergies)…I am not the Dr. Doolittle type, so without conversation, it was much more boring than I liked. I would probably just be a doctor instead.

Long story short, when I was 17, I went to a leper colony in India and figured out that I really do like helping people…and that I really was going to be a doctor, not just because I didn’t want to be a vet.

I was going to travel and help people.

So here I am, at 25, in medical school, “livin’ the dream”…with a husband on board and a daughter to boot!

It’s been an exciting ride so far.

I’ve traveled, and I’ve helped people.

But I have still not been on a medical trip.

It’s hard to believe since it has been a lifetime of work that the opportunity has finally come.

Over Christmas break, I will be traveling to Nicaragua with DO Care International to serve in local clinics and making home visits as a medical professional.


I have a couple of goals for this trip.

1) Do Immediate Good…obviously, I would hope.
2) Learn. Learn, learn, learn. If the eventual goal is to be able to leads medical teams and run international clinics in some form, I figure I better get some experience.

I have been very blessed to receive a scholarship for part of the trip cost, but it does not cover the full expense.  We still need to raise $1,000.

Every little bit helps.

And, while I’m sure you can do math, I’ll make it easy….

If 100 people give $10, we’re done.

So, if you want, click below—or come find us if you know us!

I’ll be making updates as we go—and as the trip gets closer.

Whether you can give or not, please begin to pray for this trip and everyone involved. We are very excited but can’t do this alone!


Thank you for your Donation

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  • Krista

    This sounds like a dream come true opportunity for you Steph! When’s your deadline?

    • It definitely is! 🙂 Well- the sooner the better, really. We’ve already had to pay for some things out of pocket, and there are some things that we don’t pay until after we leave. It would be great if we could have all the funds raised by the beginning of November…but earlier is less stressful (as you know!).

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