A Very Present Hope. Advent Week 2

Last week, I wrote about expectation. Advent is a season marked with expectation, preparation, longing. He has come, He is here, He is coming again soon. And He is the hope of the world. So, yes, in this Advent season, we await His return when He will rule in glory. But He is very presently […]

Because The Book Said So

We started a tradition last year that we think will become a part of our yearly family Christmastime. The night we are going to decorate the tree, we all get to open a present with our new Christmas pajamas. We start a fire in the fireplace, blast the carols, and sip hot chocolate a little […]

The Tenses of Waiting. Advent Week 1

Well, Thanksgiving is behind us. Welcome to December. Cue the Christmas music(finally), decorating, shopping, family gathering planning, and other festivities. Ho Ho Ho! Did you remember to buy firewood and Hot Cocoa mix? In my last entry, I spoke of a new season I’m entering into. Part of what’s been happening is I have been […]

The Merger

  Well this post is going to be short and sweet. We are very excited to continue our blogging journeys—together!!! Welcome to TheLetneys.com! Your “subscription” has automatically been moved over so now, you will receive updates for TheLetneys.com instead of either Michael Letney Music or Cake for Your Thoughts.If you have already been an e-mail follower […]

Obedience Takes the Lid Off

Rarely do I post personal things anywhere on social media.  I might post a thought, opinion, feeling, etc; but rarely do I post something about myself.  But today is different. I am seeing God’s faithfulness explode in my life, and I have to share it with you. For years, I have listened to my Pastor […]

Making music can be Epic. part 1

So, at the insistence of my lovely wife, I am going to show you all one of my favorite arrangements/compositions that I’ve done (part 1), and then show you how I did it (part 2). Last Sunday, we started a new series at church called “Epic”, which is basically a telling of stories from the […]

Gender Reveal?! Our Lips are Sealed…

We have had so much fun just in announcing the pregnancy and in finally answering the “What are you having?” question! We are so excited to welcome another baby girl to our family in February!!! [Excuse me while I go help Michael pick out a few shotguns…] As is probably suspected, I can’t take all […]

Across Mongolia – The Story

You may remember a couple of posts about a friend that had a dream to across the entire country of Mongolia to raise money and awareness for the orphans there. Here is the story behind it all. He is currently in the middle of the run, so send thoughts and prayers their way! If you […]

How to Tell Your Husband That You’re Pregnant (Oh, And I Passed Boards)

Step 1: Make sure (with as many sticks as you need) that you are truly “with child”. Step 2: Enlist the help of a couple of good secret keepers…that happen to be available on a day during the week (SO glad we know such awesome people)! One who can take pictures, like lovely Whitney. And […]

First Family Vacation: Day 1

Boards are over. The munchkin is 2 years old. And we need a vacation before rotations. So here we are!!! (Wish us luck!) For me, one of the most important parts of vacationing is finding good food…and not just from the places everyone else goes. No. Discovery and Adventure is the name of the game. […]