It is Finished.

It is Finished.

It is finished.

Year one of medical school is over…along with year one of motherhood.

Talk about Bittersweet at its finest.

First things first. Cheese sticks and Dr. Pepper from Sonic
(because that’s how I roll).

Now that I’m sitting on my couch—in a completely quiet house—you would think that I would be running around yelling FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!

Which I definitely did in my head today with a coy smile on my face as I walked to my car today…

But really, I am just so grateful.

I am grateful for such a truly amazing opportunity to have any kind of cake I want and eat it too.

And amid all the sweat and blood and tears from this past year, there is one thing that became more and more evident as the days wore on…I can not do it myself.
Sure, I work hard. Sure, I’m pretty determined.
But if it were just me, I would fail miserably at life.

I am so grateful for everyone in my life who has made this possible.

My God—who called me here and got me here—even when I didn’t think I wanted to be.

My husband—who has pulled late nights to help me study—and then gotten up with the little one during the night—only to get up and go to work in the morning—but who wouldn’t think of letting me quit…

My parents—who have met us half-way to take munchkin for a couple of nights—and then come up to and bring dinner— who never make me feel guilty for studying so much—and who have sacrificed numerous things to get me to this point since day 1…

My family—who has always been supportive—and absolutely inspiring…

My friends—who keep texting me to check in on me—even when I don’t text back—who keep Baby Girl—who clean the house—who listen to my rants even if they don’t understand—and who will party and celebrate with me whenever I get a chance (YAY!)…

My colleagues—who are actually just more friends—who pick up slack when baby gets sick—who share their notes—who make studying much more bearable…

My mentors—whether spiritual or intellectual—the people who have taken the time to teach me—and let me slow them down—and who somehow keep doing it for me…

Random strangers—who say “Wow!”—and leave comments on my blog—it’s actually rather nice and reminds me that life is more than books and science…

I guess what is this is a big THANK YOU.

It takes a village…

So, CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of us for making it here.
Because while I might learn the facts, you do everything else, including keeping me going.

Who do you need to thank today?

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  • Medical School and Motherhood and Wifedom…wow.

    • Haha wow indeed. Ever done something and look back and wonder how in the world you survived?

  • Cindy Laurence

    Sooo proud of you and Michael!!! Abby too!!! Each step you guys are taking is so blessed by God, we are excited to see the future! Enjoy the summer!!! We love you !!!

    • 🙂 Thanks! Most DEFINITELY will enjoy the summer. Love you too!

  • I love this post! Thanks for stopping by my blog , which led me to yours! 🙂 Love finding new blogs! Congrats on finishing your first year!